The Army Painter – Battlefields – Razorwire Basing


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The Army Painter – Battlefields – Razorwire Basing

The Battlefields series has been made to give unlimited options to the wargamer, when he/she decides on what type of bases the miniatures should have.

All the materials are the best quality the market can offer. The range has 2 series: the Essential series is the foundation of the base, with gravel, rocks, scatter and Static Grass. The Essentials are where you decide the theme of your army.The specialised Battlefields is called XP, and these will add very realsitic and cool effects to any base. If you want to make an army a cut above the rest – look through the XP series for just that!

Razorwire gives the effect of a war-torn setting – and is essential for any sci-fi or modern wargaming base. Gives a very realistic look.
– Essential for sci-Fi or modern battlefield bases
– Highly realistic
– Bend around a round brush handle
Product Weight:  16g
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Dimensions 7.9 × 7.9 × 4 cm

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