SA Filament – SBS Plus – 1.75mm – Grey – 750g


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SA Filament – SBS Plus – 1.75mm – Grey – 750g

SBS is a high-performance and easy to use Styrene-Butadiene based 3D printer filament, which combines strength, resilience, semi-flexibility and transparency with printability. SBS filament is as clear as PolyCarbonate and has an extremely high surface gloss and by that can truly be called a bright filament. SBS has a low moisture absorption(same as ABS) which makes storage very easy. As a bonus due to its low density the user gets roughly 30% more filament per roll than PLA. Although SBS has a low odor it is still recommended to print it in a well ventilated area as it is Styrene based.

SA Filament has developed a special blend called SBS PLUS with higher softening temperature as normal SBS. SBS PLUS unique formulation with less flexibility that results in more rigid and stable prints.

  • Print Temperature: 210 – 240°C, dependent on printer model
  • Heat Bed temperature: 60 – 80°C
  • 750gram net weight
  • 1.0Kg shipping weight
  • Accurate diameter of 1.75mm with a tolerance of ± 0.05mm
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 8 cm

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