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FYSETC Voron Full Metal Gantry – 350mm


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FYSETC Voron Full Metal Gantry – 350mm



Voron 250mm: 25.3g

Voron 300mm: 28.3g

Voron 350mm: 32g

Voron 0.2 200mm: 17g

Name: VORON Hollow CNC Gantry

  1. Processing technology and color: CNC, anodized black
  2. Material: Aluminum alloy
  3. Features:
  • CNC aluminum alloy, high precision, light weight and surface frosted texture
  • Using hollow design, in order to ensure that the product has enough structural strength and stability, the product weight to reach the lightest, effectively reduce the gantry self-weight caused by deformation error, effectively reduce the weight of the gantry.
  • The two ends are designed with notches which fully compatible with the official gantry design. Just add two fixed blocks to complete the installation. Simple and convenient.
  • Designed with threaded holes in the gantry to mount the linear rails. No need to install nuts. Reduced weight and convenient installation.
Weight 0.173 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 46 cm

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