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FYSETC TMC5160 HV Stepper Driver


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FYSETC TMC5160 HV Stepper Driver

FYSETC TMC5160 HV Stepper Step Stick SPI Silent Motor Driver High Power Upgraded 3D Printer Parts   HV5160 was renamed to QHV5160 Change the original 4 MOSFEts to 8 mosFEts TMC-5160-WATMC-5160-TA Hv5160 is specially designed for high voltage drive requirements and can work in the voltage range of 8-60v, such as 48V. The 100V X7R 0805 ceramic capacitor based on tmc5160-wa and Samsung Electronics is designed. 1000 x 600mil / 25.4 x 15.24mm 6 layer TG155 PCB 8-60V 3.0A (rms) / 4.2A (peak) 4x DMT6018 (17 mΩ) Step/Dir interface & SPI mode default Compatible with Stepstick Pins Encoder Interface pinout DIAG output for sensorless homing   Comes with blue aluminum heat sink

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