FIL X – Way-Less PLA – 1.75mm – Grey – 1Kg


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FIL X – Way-Less PLA – 1.75mm – Grey – 1Kg

FIL X Way-less PLA is a 3D filament that is used where light weight 3D printing material is required for structural applications within the limitations of PLA polymer.

Typical applications would be hobbiest airplanes, race cars, wind turbines and boat parts.

This filament is made with PLA polymer, colour pigment and special foaming additive.

The environmental impact of using this filament is smaller then most petroleum based polymers due to the biodegradability of the FIL X PLA grade and harmless gas generated by the foaming process.

Guidelines on how to 3D print with the Way-less PLA from FIL X

FIL X PLA Way-less Foaming results under FIL X test conditions
Test conditions: Ender 2 , 0.8mm Nozzle, 60°C Bed
Flow (%) Nozzle Temp (°c) Print Speed (mm/s) Wall Thickness (mm) Foam Bubble Observation Sample Weight (g) Weight Difference from Non Foaming Sample (g)
100 195 40 0.8 Almost none 3.2 0
80 215 40 0.81 Fine & evenly spread 2.6 0.6
76 230 40 0.79 Medium & evenly spread 2.4 0.8
74 240 40 0.81 Medium & evenly spread 2.2 1

The foaming density of this filament is a result of 2 variables:

  1. The time the polymer spends in the print head (PRINT SPEED)
  2. The temperature of the print nozzle

The best practice for determining your maximum achievable foaming would be done by experimenting with the two variables.

For example, slow 40mm/s print speed at 220°C can give the same result as 50mm/s at 250°C.

It is important to adjust the printer material flow rate down in the same percentage that the wall thickness increases, as foaming increases, if you want weight loss of your printed model.

The following formula can be used to adjust the flow rate:


Thickness of IDEAL foamed sample”Way-less”  X  Flow rate of unfoamed sample “Way-less”


Thickness of unfoamed sample “Way-less”


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