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The New Creality CR-X 3D Printer with Dual Extruder and Large Build Volume (300mm x 300mm x 400mm)

The Creality CR-X 3D Printer, manufactured in China, is the latest model with dual extruder, an incredible build volume and print quality.

The new Creality CR-X has  the following functions:

1. Two-color printing: double-injection and one-out nozzle design. Two consumables, two extruders, one nozzle.
2. Integrated design: The exterior design of the profiled sheet metal base is used to store most of the electronic components in the sheet metal bottom case.
3. 4.3-inch colorful touch screen: user-friendly UI design, with sound prompts, perfect human-machine dialogue function, to bring users an unprecedented intelligent operating experience.
4. Carboloy silicon printing platform: no need to use glue, perfect bonding with consumables at 60 °C, Reduce adhesion after cooling, the model and platform are easy to separate, and the model is easy to remove.
5. Larger power supply:use well-known mean well large power supply,only needs 6 minutes to heat the hot bed to 100℃.
6. Larger leveling nuts:Ergonomic design, easy to adjust.
7. Single wire design: only need one wire to connect the base and the gantry, which makes it looks compact and beautiful.
8. Dual fan cooling: better cooling effect, faster cooling and more efficient radiating.
9. Support water-soluble consumables: use the second nozzle to print water-soluble support, easy to remove after soaking in water, giving you a more detailed model surface.
10. All-metal extruder: better strength, longer service life, and self-contained elastic adjustment device, giving you a smoother printing experience.
11. Z-axis double screw design: more stable lifting with higher printing accuracy.
12. Resume printing while power-off: The motherboard is fully upgraded and supports continuous power failure, which effectively reduces model scrapping caused by power outages.
13. Creality3d V2.1 motherboard: all-upgrade, quality assurance, industrial-grade process, 200 hours of continuous printing without pressure.


Technical Specifications:

Machine type CR-X
Forming size 300*300*400mm
270*270*400mm(Dual color)
Platform size 310*320mm
Power 110/220V AC 50/60HZ
Total power 24V 480W
N.W. 15KG
Machine size 550*400*650mm
Package size 640*540*340mm
Working voltage 24V


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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 64 × 54 × 34 cm

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