Creality Carborundum Glass Bed – 310x320mm


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Creality Carborundum Glass Bed – 310x320mm

This is the Creality Carborundum Glass Bed – 310x320mm with a carborundum coating. The carborundum glass plate has very good adhesion, which gradually decreases as the bed temperature drops. The finished object can then be removed easily and cleanly.

Creality Carborundum Glass Platform(Tempered Glass Build Plate): High hardness and durable.

The hardness can be up to 9 Mohs, the hardness is better than aluminum and copper. It can resistant up to 400°C and be used repeatedly without reducing performance.


1, Easy to remove model with 1 minute: The coating of the microporous composite material has a microporous structure. The filament will be ‘extruded’ due to the reduction of platform temperature and shrinkage of composite materials, which makes the model remove easily.

2, High viscosity and strong adhesion: Composite nano molecule coating has high viscosity after heating, which makes the model have strong adhesion.

3, 0.15MM of flatness recovery model: This is the combination of glass and composite. Due to the flatness of glass and the uniform composite coating of surface ‘lattice’, the platform has excellent flatness.

4, Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, easy to clean: There is a protective film on the surface of the composite coating, which is of anti-scratch and dustproof, etc.

5, High hardness and durable: This is the combination of chemically tempered glass and surface composite coating. The flatness of glass will be much better and the composite coating of surface ‘lattice’ will be uniform, which makes the platform have excellent flatness.

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Dimensions 35 × 37 × 4 cm