Chitu – 6″ 2K Mono LCD Upgrade Kit – LD-002R


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Chitu – 6″ 2K Mono LCD Upgrade Kit – LD-002R

Please note: We do not accept returns or warranty claims on the lcd screens if they are cracked.

LCD screens are considered a consumable.

Why upgrade?

The Creality LD002R comes with the Sharp04 screen, which is 5.5 inches 2K RGB LCD, 2018 there are Mono LCD coming out, and it is been widely used during 2019, Phrozen sonic Mini, Anycubic Photon mono series, and ELEGOO mars 2 series. we also write an article about RGB vs Mono, you can check here.

Now, most new resin 3d printers come with Mono screens, and even with 8K level resolutions.

In General, the Mono screen has 3 advantages compared with the RGB LCD.

Faster printing speed

The mono LCD has a better UV light transmittance, which means when you use the same resin, it takes less time to make it cure, and in the Chitubox setting, you will only need an exposure time of around 2.5s. In RGB LCD, the exposure time is about 8s~12s. Each layer saves you a few seconds. If you are printing a large file, it is much faster.

More durable in lifespan

The mono LCD has a process optimization, which makes the screen can run in the long term under the UV light,  it is suspected to work over 2,000 hours. and the RGB LCD can only work about 200 hours.

Better contrast ratio

The mono screen is designed for 3d printers, it also considers the usage of 3d printing technology, a better contrast ratio means you will get better details on the models, especially in sharpness.

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