Capricorn PTFE Bowden Tubing – TL Series Blue


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Capricorn PTFE Bowden Tubing – TL Series Blue

The TL Series Capricorn PTFE Bowden Tubing stands apart from the pack with its light blue color, and brilliant translucency.

Pure virgin PTFE is extremely low friction, and has a very high temperature resistance.

Your printer will look as good as it performs. You are going to love the way your printer looks. Throw that plain white tube in the trash.

2.0mm ± 0.05mm Inner Diameter ensures you can print chunky or out of spec filaments with ease.  The TL series Capricorn PTFE Bowden Tubing is recommended for printing extremely chunky filaments such as Filamentum Timberfill.

Because of its translucence, you can see the filament inside, and diagnose any issues that way.

Technical Specifications:

Cross sectionPTFE, or Polytetrafluoroethylene, is a synthetic polymer commonly used as a coating for non-stick pots and pans. It is the slipperiest substance known to man, and is said to be the only surface to which a gecko cannot stick. Although Bowden tubes can be made from several different polymers, PTFE is generally considered the best because of its high melting point and low coefficient of friction.

1.75mm Bowden tubing, because of its small diameter, is made with an expensive paste extrusion process. Very precise equipment is needed to obtain a consistent shape and internal diameter. Additives such as colorant are difficult, because the PTFE doesn’t readily want to mix with anything. Plain white PTFE is the cheapest and most common.

The tubing is manufactured using the most sophisticated equipment currently available. It always comes out perfectly round, and the diameter stays as consistent as possible.

The TL Bowden Tubing is made from pure virgin Japanese PTFE resin. This resin is not only translucent, it is also slightly softer and more flexible than average PTFE.

The TL tubing features a 2.0mm nominal inner diameter. This makes it well suited for printing larger or uneven diameter filaments such as wood and metal flake filaments. Higher end wood filaments especially have a tendency to be “chunky,” containing large bits of real wood.


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